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Delivering and Maintaining Quality of Care

Our considerable experience of the care industry has shown that one size does not fit all; each resident will have their own individual preference and view.

In order to continue to deliver a high level of care to our residents we continually review and evaluate the services we provide to our clients.

How do we ensure that our care assistants continue to provide a caring and compassionate service to our residents?
The home has implemented various staff development programmes to ensure our care assistants receive effective ongoing training to develop their qualifications and skills in the care industry.

We only recruit care assistants that share our values and who will work to maintain the high level of care provided by the home.

How do we ensure that our residents continue to receive the correct level of care?
We provide care to each resident after a careful assessment of their needs. We consult with our residents and their family members on an ongoing basis to ensure that the level of care we provide is reviewed and adapted to meet any change of an individual residents needs.

How do we encourage our residents to maintain their independence within the home?
We ensure that the care plan created for each resident encourages a responsible level of self sufficiency based on their abilities. We also hold regular residents meetings to listen to their suggestions and feedback as to how we can improve our home.

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